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Salma Ahi


Salma Ahi

Internal Medicine Department, Jahrom University of Medical Sciences,

Jahrom, Fars, Iran


I. Personal Data:

Born in 1361 Jahrom, Fars, Iran

Father’s name: Mahmud



1- 66th Rank of university entrance examination

2- M.D Shahid Beheshti University of medical sciences Tehran, Iran, graduated in 1386

3- 1386-1390 specialty in internal medicine, Tehran University of medical sciences, Top Ranked board

4- Super specialty of Endocrinology and adults Metabolism in 1391 with Top Rank



1-Teaching in workshop of clinical Olympiad with subject of major M.D departments, special for seventh Olympiad of clinical reasoning for students of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences, Jahrom, Fars, Iran in 1394

2- Teaching hours

6- 54 practical

4- 17 Theoretical

120 round morning report

2 journal+ one grand round


IV-Academic responsibilities

1-1390-1391 project and faculty member of educational of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences, Jahrom, Fars, Iran

2-Teaching the M.D course and specialty course

 3-Assismant of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences during specialty course, Tehran, Iran


V–Supervisor of the thesis

1-Assessment the process of serum lipids in adults thyroid –with under clinical hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism in study of TTS (nodes)

 2-Assessment of reversion and therapy response of          hemophilia patients with hepatitis C to Rypavirine and pegayenterfrone regimens

3-Assessment the antibiotic Mycobacteria infection

(General course)


VI-Internal examiner of thesis

1-Assessment The effect of isotretinoin on serum levels of sexual hormones in under threatening women with acne in 1394

2-Assessment the Sensitivity and specificity of serum levels of kisspeptin in the early detection of (potential) pre-eclampsia and GDM at the beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy in 1394



1-publishment of urology section of the book (the last minors in the 15 days), Mir publishers


VIII -Technical Papers

1-A bulking agent my lead to Adrenal crisin,A case report of acut medica iranaca 2011,49(10).


IX-Papers in Conference Proceedings

1- Glands Congress of the state in  93 and Endobidge in  2015


X-Research project

1-Assessment the Effect of lack of vitamin two Anthrdepometric Criterions in female students of Jahrom compared with the control group.


XI-Internal examiner of the research project

1-Assesment the effect of fennel capsule on the severity of menopausal symptoms in 1394

2-Assessment the frequency of clinical outcomes of prescribing prophylaxis antibiotic in patients under threatening orthopedic surgery in Jahrom in 1394

3-Comparative study of the effect of vitamin E and D in metformin drug regimen - and progesterone in infertile women with pcos

4-Comparison of the effect of shade plants seeds and black pepper diet with Tamoxiphine and letrozole diet in infertile women with pcos in jahrom


XII-Miscellaneous Positions:

1-holding osteoporosis workshop in 10/10/1393

2-holding written Diabetes workshop in 12/27/93

3-One-day scientific conference on diabetes nutrition in 2/6/94

4-Symposiums of early and late maturing in 02/09/94

5-Nutrition Conference in diabetes in 7/2/94

6-Scientific Diabetes Conference in 26/07/94








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