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دوشنبه May 20 2024
دوشنبه May 20 2024


Hosein Hakimelahi

Urology Department, Jahrom University of Medical Sciences, Jahrom, Fars, Iran

E-mail: hosseinhakimelahi@yahoo.com


I. Personal Data:

Father's Name: Hashem

Born in 1349 Jahrom, Fars, Iran



1. M.D. Shiraz  University of Medical Sciences

Graduated in 1375

2. Specialty in urology, Jondishapour University of Medical Sciences, Ahvaz, Graduated in 1389



1 - Teaching Urology courses, since 1389

2- 1390-now    faculty member of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences, Jahrom, Fars, Iran



1. 1389-1392   Treatment vice chancellor of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences

2.  1382-1383    chief of the Emergency medicine department

3.  1380-1383    chief of Evaluation of personnel performance and complaints  

4. Director of Education and Research department, 1382


V. Technical Papers:

1. Levels of aflatoxin M1 in different types of milk collected in Jahrom, Iran, American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences. Winter-spring 2013, 2015


VI. Papers in Conference Proceedings:     

1. A comparative study of frequency of cesarean delivery in two groups of in spontaneous labor and induction of labor, the first national conference on reproductive health and infertility - Najafabad, poster, 1391

2. Reproductive Ethics congress, Jahrom university of medical sciences (reviewer and member of the Scientific Committee) December 2013

3. Participating in the fourteenth. Fifteenth. Sixteenth and Eighteenth national Urology Congress, Iran

512TH Asian urology congress, December 2014


VII. Research projects:

1.   Comparison of the complications of induced and spontaneous labor in 1391


VIII. Supervisor of the Theses:

1. Assessment of association of second to fourth finger ratio with penis length in infants born in Motahari hospital. 1393


IX. Internal examiner of the theses:

1. The effect of the Manitol on excretion of renal stone and reduction of pain during ESWL, Peymaniyeh hospital

2. The effect of manitol on accelerating the disposal of rock fragments and pain during ESWL 1391

3. Assessment of the composition of renal stone in patients referred to medical centers, 1392

4. Assessment of renal function in patients with thalassemia major in Jahrom 1393


X. Miscellaneous Positions:

1.    Arrangement of  Infertility  workshop, Jahrom  University of Medical Sciences,

2. Arrangement of male sexual disorders, Jahrom University of Medical Sciences

3. Arrangement of training Folly insertion workshop, Jahrom University of Medical Sciences