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دوشنبه May 20 2024
دوشنبه May 20 2024
A Window Opened to New Horizons
Visions and Missions

The Office of International Affairs was established shortly after the autonomy of the university in 1996. Since then, the office has played a key role in facilitating and developing links between JUMS and other centres and institutions of medical sciences inside and outside the country.

To speak of undertakings of OIA concisely, the following areas of activity could be highlighted:

·         Verifying the authenticity of documents issued by JUMS for its graduate students who has attempted to join foreign universities

·         Prepare relevant documents for academic staff who wish to attend scientific gatherings abroad

·         Prepare relevant documentation for the sabbatical leaves of academic staff

·         Coordinate activities involved in holding international conferences by JUMS

·         Provide facilities for international students who wish to join JUMS for degree, diploma or certificate courses (details are available on the site)

·         Create opportunities for programmes of scientific exchange of students and faculties between JUMS and foreign universities as per rules and regulations of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education

·         Arrangements of joint programmes with medical universities, centres and institutions abroad for the promotion of medical research and education of faculties and students of JUMS as per rules and regulations of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education

·         Prepare conditions to attract medical tourists to Jahrom hospitals

·         Prepare service for international communication and correspondence